Classical Liberalism vs Obamism

Stimulation by Government

Mises Daily by 

The great failing of the Obama administration is that it is packed with people who show no apparent knowledge of the essential truths of liberal theory. That theory — which is the core of the American political contribution to, and the driving force of, modernity itself — is that freedom is the foundation of and the reason for social and economic flourishing. All evidence suggests they know nothing of this.

Obamites hold the opposite view, the one advanced by the pharaohs and emperors of old, all the way through the Talibans and Hugo Chavezes of our own time. It is the view that nothing is beyond the competence of the state and its great leader. Particularly in economic affairs, these people have a wildly inflated view of what the nation’s chief executive can accomplish through sheer will.

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The Religious “Right”

Religious discrimination in the “stimulus” bill?

Napolitano on the Election

Constitutionalist Judge Andrew Napolitano

w/ Lew Rockwell 5 November 2008

Part 1

Part 2

This Waste of an Election

With this sorry excuse of an election, I hope every American realises his or her potential for saving and conserving what they have. This is no “toss up” we all know who the media has chosen as her beloved son: Obama.

This kind of reasoning should make me sick, but it doesn’t. Why?

Well, the fact is that democracy is bologna. That’s right. Democracy on a large scale doesn’t work. It’s a sham. That’s the way I see it.

We have a so-called election where we’re told that if we don’t vote then we have no right to complain. Those who don’t vote have more of a right to complain than those that do. When we have a corrupt system where votes make very little, if any, difference, then we have a tyrannical regime that’s not worthy of participation.

I’ll be voting, but I expect my little vote to make zero difference in the outcome, but I expect my vote to be a vote for posterity.


Yes, posterity. They are the ones I vote for, not the silly whims of the “Me” generation. I actually care what happens in the future. I can actually deal with four years of socialistic policy, but I cannot accept a war-mongering, elitist cult being in absolute control of my child’s future. No thanks.

The obsolete system that was the noble gesture of the Constitution is now completely in its dormition.

It’s appropriate that the election day coincides with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days (and even Veterans’ Day) since it is the day of the demise of liberty. Each time we vote, we lose one more right under natural law.

What’s the point in voting at all? I don’t know other than that very loose hope in maintaining what’s right.

The Gold Standard Before the War Between the States

Mr Murray Rothbard:

Government Spending

McBama vs. Barr. The choice is obvious. Of the options, only Barr would fight to secure your family’s and America’s future. Only Barr would fight for you to control your own destiny. If you must vote, then, please consider the options and vote your conscience instead of the nonsensical political fear-mongering.

Graham’s Words Come Back To Haunt Him

Bob Conley is being endorsed by ALIPAC because he has promised to oppose Amnesty in any form for illegal aliens and to support more immigration enforcement and border security. Senator Graham has received a deplorable grade of ‘D’ at

“We have a case in South Carolina, where Bob Conley better represents the over 80% of voters who prefer enforcement over amnesty,” said Gheen. “Lindsay Graham supports Amnesty over enforcement of our existing immigration laws and his own words are about to come back to haunt him.” [read it all]